Get the strategy, skills and support you need to bring your photography business dreams to life

You started your photography business with the aim of supporting yourself with your camera and having a more fulfilling life.

You’ve been working on your photography business for a while, but recently you’ve felt ready to grow it and take it more seriously than perhaps you have in the past.

Maybe it’s that other things have been a bigger priority but now the time and space have opened up in your life.

Maybe it’s the recognition that, whilst there’s no doubt you’re really good at what you do photography-wise, the business side of things just isn’t your zone of genius, and you’re finally ready to admit that you have no idea how to fix it.

You’re overwhelmed by the idea of marketing yourself, figuring out pricing, branding your business, setting up websites and email systems...the list is endless.

You’ve been getting a little traction, booking a few clients and getting some good feedback...but it’s not enough.

You’ve realised that, if things carry on as they are, your big dream of doing the photography you love for a living is never going to happen.

The one thing that's clear? You can't do this alone.

You need the kind of help that goes beyond free webinars, one-day workshops, DIY courses, or even short group programs.

You need someone to show you how all the pieces fit together to build the thriving photography business you want.

And when you think about having a thriving, full time business that pays you well for making people smile with your images you feel a huge sense of joy - this could be so good!

You’re ready to wake up every day excited to do the photography you love and have a fun and fulfilling business that works for you and doesn’t control or consume every minute of your life.

You’re excited to connect with the people who really want and need your work. To have people find your website and think “Yes! THIS is the photographer for me!”

You have a strong desire to see your photography move from what has been more of an expensive hobby or sideline, to a real, sustainable business.

You are brimming with enthusiasm for your business but right now you have no idea how to make it happen.

You feel like there is so much to do, but you can’t figure out where to start. You’re ready to bring your photography to more people but the analysis-paralysis is killing your momentum.

Should you be spending time updating your website, or would it be best to attend some networking events first?

Or maybe you ought to start growing an email list - that’s super important nowadays, right?

But what about that new promotion you were going to run - shouldn’t that be your priority to get some bums on seats?

Oh, wait, you need to update your pricing first..but you’re not sure what you should be charging, so maybe that can wait?

Actually, perhaps you should post on Facebook first because you haven’t put anything up for a while...but really you need some new can’t keep putting up the same old shoots otherwise you’ll look like you’re not busy, right?

You need someone to come up with a plan and show you exactly what to do to get you moving forward.

You want to know that your time and energy is being used effectively so that you can grow your business and see results...soon!

Ready to put an end to the overwhelm and get clear on your next moves?

Business Boost is my 12 week mentoring experience for talented and motivated photographers who are committed to making a living from their photography and ready to take their business seriously.

Together we work to develop the clear plan you need to move your business forward. You'll learn what to offer, how to position it and how to put yourself out there in the right ways so the clients you want are eager to work with you, and you can start to bring more money in the door.

The personalised coaching you receive enables you to go beyond the theory and take action, and build a lasting foundation for your business that will benefit you year after year.

Here's what Business Boost will do for you...

Help you think about your business differently. 

As your own personal business coach, I'll help you make the shifts necessary to move photography from an expensive hobby to a viable business, making sure the business you're building rests on solid foundations.

There's no one-size fits all approach when it comes to business strategy, which is why as your coach I'll work with you to formulate a strategy tailored uniquely to you. 

With my personalised guidance and support you'll waste no time in setting your prices, designing your packages and, most importantly, getting paying clients.

Help you talk about your business differently. 

When it comes to business it's your words that will win you clients and make you money. You can provide the best photography service in the world, but if you don't know how to communicate your value in a way that makes your potential clients want what you do, you won't get bookings, simple as that.

I'll personally guide you to become the best copywriter you can possibly be. The result? You'll never have to lower your prices to try and win business again.

Help you take confident, focused action. 

You can have great copy and the perfect plan but if you're overwhelmed, fearful or panicked you won't get very far. That's why as your success coach my number one job is to ensure you know what to do and how to do it, are working with a success mindset and are on track to create the photography business you want.

With me by your side you'll have all the guidance and encouragement you need to navigate any challenge, keep taking action and achieve the success you long for.

As you go through the Business Boost experience we'll work together to help you keep pace, stay aligned with your vision of success and accountable to your ultimate goal of creating a thriving photography business. 

​Since joining Business Boost I have realised I need to focus far more on engaging copy and less on my images if I want to get clients. Caroline rocks all the socks off when it comes to knowing what she’s talking about.

If it hadn’t been for the confidence I am gaining from doing this program I would have eventually given up my photography business. But I feel now I am actually shaping a business which is going to be a massive success and bring me the life I want and not a hobby, which subconsciously I had been treating it as before.

I’d definitely recommend Business Boost to any photographer struggling with their business, just setting out or who could be doing better than they are.

Yvonne Lishman
Wedding Photographer

​Photopreneurs really was a complete game changer. It’s difficult to name just one big win given that my entire world seems to have flipped around over the last couple of months. I think for me gaining the positive mindset had to be the biggest win, because with that everything else is possible and in its right place, and also when challenges arise I am fully equipped to deal with them.

All the knowledge Caroline has is honestly incredible, the materials are amazing and so straightforward to use. And I love how much it all makes sense. I had so many ‘lightbulb moments’ I lost count. Also, having Caroline available for support, question-answering or looking over things was obviously invaluable. The group calls were great too, as it gave people the chance to converse and see how we were all getting on.

Just a massive THANK YOU to Caroline for all her wonderful help, support and invaluable knowledge. And if my business falls on its face I only have myself to blame. I have the tools now so I’m off to use them!

Kerry Messenger
Family Portrait Photographer

Here's how it works...

There are step by step lessons taught by me. You can work through these lessons in your own time and everything you're working on will be reviewed by me. I'll provide detailed feedback so you know you're doing the right work in the right way, and that you're putting your efforts into the things that will bring results.

Whether you're fine-tuning your website copy, mapping out your business priorities or planning your client-getting strategies, you'll feel confident you're on the right track.

Even better, you'll also have regular opportunities to talk directly with me to work through any challenges you're facing, answer any questions you have and fine tune your next steps. With this level of feedback and support you'll feel more confident than ever.

This is not another course that leaves you overwhelmed with information you never end up implementing. This is a program you join and do NOW, with coaching to hold you accountable and support you every step of the way.

The ultimate goal? To provide you with all the knowledge, strategies and support you need, so you can create a photography business that generates consistent income and gives you the freedom and fulfilment you dream of.

Here's what you'll walk away with...

A clear and concise message that explains the value of what you do and makes you stand out in your marketplace. This message will set the foundation for your content, your offers, and what you'll become known for in your industry. It makes it easy for potential clients to understand exactly how you help them and for people to refer perfect clients to you.

A compelling offer that people actually want to buy. You'll craft an offer so strong that potential clients will feel like it's a no-brainer to book you. You'll feel confident knowing exactly how to find your people and convert potential clients into paying clients. No more vague or wishy-washy language or uncomfortable conversations. Just clarity and confidence to fill your diary with dream clients.

A consistent client attraction plan so you know exactly what to do to get clients...consistently! You'll discover exactly what to do to find perfect potential clients who are eager for what you have to offer, plus you'll learn how to actively nurture your relationships to ensure you're building trust and creating fans who will refer their friends to you.

Fresh copy on your website that speaks to your target clients, getting them chomping at the bit to book you. You'll learn how to craft killer copy on your own - one of the most important and most neglected skills for making money in business. Mastering this skill will pay dividends for years to come.

A clear action plan to guide you through the next few months of your business growth. You'll know exactly what steps to take to get your business really moving in the right direction. No more confusion. No more spinning your wheels. No more procrastination or overwhelm. Just a clear, easy to follow plan to make your photography business work.

Support to help you move forward with confidence and make money doing what you love. No more doubt. No more fear. No more uncertainty. You'll know you're creating the business you've been dreaming of.

Ready? Here's what to do next...

Step 1. Click the APPLY NOW button below and fill out the application form to tell me a little bit about your business, where you're at right now and where you're looking to go.

Step 2. You'll then be redirected to my calendar page where you can schedule a short consultation with me, so I can make sure Business Boost is really what you need.

Step 3. If it's not right for you I'll recommend the best next steps for you to take, and if it is, and working together feels like a good fit, you'll be invited to join Business Boost. Either way you win!

The deadline for applications is Thursday 28th February 2019 and this is the only time I will be running Business Boost this year.

Because of the high level of personalised support places are limited, and doors may close early if all the spots are filled, so if you'd like to explore whether Business Boost is the right next step for you I encourage you to apply today.

If you've read this far...

If you've read this far you owe it to yourself to answer these questions honestly:

What if just one idea in Business Boost helps you turn your photography into a profitable business and gives you the opportunity to support yourself and your family doing what you love?

What if just one strategy in Business Boost helps you finally breakthrough the overwhelm and confusion and begin attracting the kind of clients you want?

What if just one technique in Business Boost helps you book even 1-3 more clients a month? What impact would that have on your profits, your confidence, your happiness?

How much would these changes realistically be worth to you over the lifetime of your business?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't miss your chance to finally start having the business (and life) you've been dreaming of.