Have you ever worked really hard to create an offer or promotion you know your clients will love, only to hear crickets after you launch it?


You’re speaking your client’s language and you’ve focused on how your offer solves their problem and meets their needs…so why are people still not booking you?


First of all, don’t worry. This is perfectly normal!


It’s rare that any potential client will book you the first time they discover you.


The reason for this is simple.


If a potential client sees your promotion or offer and thinks it looks great, but they’re still not booking, it’s because they’re not yet fully convinced that you can help them.



So, now you’re wondering: how do you prove to them that you can help them and that you are the right photographer for them, so they’ll book you?


Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to cover in this week’s post, which is Part 2 of my blog series How to Book Clients Consistently.


If you missed it, you can check out Part 1 here, which was all about getting clear on who your ideal client is and what they want.


When you implement the simple strategy that I’m about to explain, potential clients will start to understand that you can help them.


Which means they’ll be more likely to book you.

The common mistake most photographers make


When you gain the attention of a potential client, it’s all too easy to immediately try to sell yourself to her.


But this is a huge mistake. And it’s one that many, many photographers make.


They ask people to call them to book their session or schedule a consultation.


When these people are still trying to figure out whether they like what they see and whether they even want to find out more.


At best, doing this will slightly annoy people.


At worst, it will make you seem pushy and desperate, which will send potential clients running for the door.

It’s the equivalent of asking someone you’ve just met to marry you!


Sure, they might actually have liked you and, if you’d handled things differently, marriage might have been a possibility in the future…


But now you’ve scared them off by coming on too strong.


If you think you could be guilty of jumping into “selling mode” too quickly, follow the steps below to build affinity and trust with your potential clients first.


Even if you feel sure that you don’t do this, I still recommend you read through the rest of this post.


Because, it’s essential to make sure that you’re nurturing a relationship with your potential clients, in a way that will encourage them to book you.

Give people a little preview of what it’s like to work with you


When someone likes what you do, but isn’t quite ready to book, you can start to warm them up by offering them something for free.


To give them insight into what you do, and what it’s like to work with you.


Your freebie should prove to potential clients that, if they did move forward and book you, you could indeed solve their problem and help them achieve what they most want.


A freebie like this is often referred to as a lead magnet, free offer, or opt-in…but I prefer the term client magnet.


Because the perfect freebie is something so desirable to your ideal clients, they simply can’t resist it!


Your client magnet could be a free mini photo session, but my recommendation is to make it some valuable information, so that it doesn’t cannibalize your main offerings.


This information could be presented as a PDF download, video, mini-challenge…there really are no limitations as to the format you could choose.


Once you’ve brainstormed and decided on the perfect client magnet for your ideal clients, the next steps are to decide on the format and then create it.


The key here is to keep it simple.


The best, most effectively client magnets are ones that are easily consumable and provide immediate gratification or results for your potential client.


Once you’ve created your client magnet, you need to put an opt-in form on your website so people can sign up to get it.


The best way to do this is to create a dedicated landing page with your opt-in form on it.


This page should explain the benefits of your client magnet and what people will receive when they sign up for it.


Make sure you promote your client magnet (with a link to the landing page) prominently throughout your website.


This includes on your home page, about page and the sidebar of your blog.


You can even promote it at the end of individual blog posts.

What if potential clients still aren’t booking?


While an irresistible client magnet is a proven way to build trust and affinity, it’s possible that your potential clients will still be hesitant to book you – even if they loved your client magnet.


They want to know they’re making the right decision, and it’s your job to help them feel sure that booking with you is the smart choice.


In Part 3 of this blog series on How To Book Clients Consistently, I’ll explain how to build trust and credibility with your potential clients.


So that they’re chomping at the bit to work with you.


Your action steps for this lesson:


To give your potential clients a preview of what you can do for them…

1. Get clear on what client magnet would be best to encourage your ideal clients to book you.

2. Create a client magnet that aligns with your photography offer.

3. Promote your client magnet on your website.